Once Again the University of Oxford proposes a hypothesis that may help society leave COVID-19 behind

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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One of the measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus would be to achieve group immunity. This would occur when a sufficient group of people develop antibodies to the virus or have T-lymphocytes, either because they were infected or because they had a vaccine. Thus, herd immunity would provide protection against infection, which would severely reduce the circulation of the virus among the population.

Experts have developed studies during the pandemic on this immunity and they indicate that until 60 % or 70 % of the population should not find protégée of the effects of the virus, it is not possible to be said that it has been reached. Nevertheless, the investigator of the Oxford University José Lourenço indicates that some areas of the world as some quarters of Madrid, areas of the north of Italy and parts of the state of New York might be very close to reaching this group immunity.

The researcher bases his thesis on recent studies that confirm that 35% of the population could have T-lymphocytes in their body because they had caught colds and flu months ago, which would make them immune to the coronavirus since these T-lymphocytes act as a barrier against the virus.
At the beginning of the sanitary crisis, Sweden tried to achieve herd immunity allowing the activities and citizens to continue with its normal life without restrictions, but the cases of coronavirus were not late in multiplying and the target was not obtained.

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