Strategies to Succeed when Studying an Online Programme

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

If you are having difficulties staying focused on your online studies, there are some strategies you can use that may help you avoid getting distracted and succeed in your online learning programme. 

In the past, if you wanted to earn a degree at university, the only option available was to attend classes physically at a university or other educational institution’s campus. This excluded many people from the higher education system because not everyone had the possibility to attend classes, either because they lived far away from universities, or because they did not have the time. So, people from rural areas and small towns, and workers or those who had any obligations to take care of, couldn’t access higher education, which impaired them when competing for a job. 

Nowadays, thanks to the availability of online learning programmes, the accessibility of higher education has expanded to almost all over the world. It is possible for anyone to pursue any degree they want at any university that offers online programmes. With the number of universities including online programmes constantly increasing, the possibilities for online students are endless. 

Online learning is particularly beneficial for full-time workers because they are able to juggle their work life with their student’s life in order to obtain any degree they want and improve their chances of advancing their careers. You are able to learn whenever, wherever and however works best for you. This gives students the flexibility they need to earn any degree while balancing their work or family commitments. 

However, there is a downside to online learning:
If you are not prepared for the independence online education offers, it can be challenging. Whether you are studying online only for the time being because of the current pandemic, or you are a full-time online student, you can find it hard to concentrate when you study from home. 

There are some strategies you can use in order to succeed while studying online

Strategies to succeed when studying Online

The following tips will help you address online learning’s unique challenges to take advantage of your online learning experience:

#1. Think of your online course as an on-campus course

There are many misconceptions associated with online learning programmes. One of the most recurrent ones is that “online courses don’t require the same effort as an on-campus programme because they are more flexible”. Even though it is true that online programmes are more flexible, this doesn’t mean they don’t require effort and time on the part of the student. 

You should bear in mind that online master’s degrees are as strict as traditional ones and they require the same amount of studying than a traditional degree. If you want to succeed in your online courses, you should complete your assignments on time and study regularly to keep up with the coursework. 

You can take advantage of the flexibility offered by online education, meaning you can choose what time of day you prefer to study, but you must complete your assignments and study as you would for a traditional master’s degree. 

#2. Set your goals and hold yourself accountable 

Establishing the goals you expect to achieve during the semester or the year and checking them once you achieve them will help you keep track of your successes and will keep you focused on your study. 

Setting up a calendar with upcoming deadlines is the perfect way to remind yourself to keep focused. Organization, proactivity, and self-awareness are musts if you want to be consistent and not fall behind. 

#3. Time management is a must

Even though postponing your assignments and leaving everything to the last minute seems appealing when you have plenty of time to complete them, this is the last thing you should do. Procrastination will only lead to frustration and cramming when you have a pile of assignments and studying accumulated. 

Establishing a weekly schedule of your own and trying to stick to it as strictly as possible will help you manage your time efficiently. You can designate certain hours per week for reading, watching lectures, completing assignments, studying, and participating in forums. This way, you make sure you can finish every activity on time and keep up to date on your studies. 

#4. Choose one organized and peaceful place to study and stick to it

Setting up an organized learning environment will help you keep your mind organized as well. By establishing a regular place for studying, you’ll establish a routine. 

You need to find out which kind of space works best for you, whether it is in your kitchen table, your favourite coffee shop, a library, your garden, or a private room in your home. Establishing an organized learning environment will enable you to know exactly where everything you need is. 

#5. Do away with distractions

One of the burdens posed when studying from home is that everything can turn into a distraction. Even washing dishes and cleaning may sound appealing instead of studying. Social media and netflix are even worse because there is no limit on the time you may spend in these kinds of activities. 

Focusing on your studies can be really hard when studying from home if you don’t get rid of distractions. You should establish certain habits that will help you succeed, such as choosing certain hours each day for studying and stick to it, just as you would have to do for on-campus education. 

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