Why should you pursue a Master’s Degree?

Friday, November 13, 2020

Discover all the reasons why you should study a master’s degree in the UK. 

The UK is the best place to pursue any higher education degree as it has some of the world’s top-ranking universities and is a leader in pioneering research and academic studies.

Benefits of studying a Master’s degree in the UK

  • Access to outstanding resources, facilities, and experts. 
  • The chance to live in the UK for a while, on your own or with your family, and experiencing life in a different country. 
  • Increase your knowledge.
  • Improve your career, by deepening your knowledge.
  • Earning a master’s degree in an academically excellent place, recognized for the quality of its higher education system. 

Top 6 Reasons why you should pursue a Master’s degree

#1. Career advancement

According to a recent study by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 1 in 7 jobs will likely need a postgraduate degree by 2022. If you decide to pursue a master’s degree now, you will get ahead of the predictions and be ready to compete for better jobs in the future. 

Plus, the UK is well-known for the high quality of higher education. Master’s degree programmes in the UK are meant to provide students with the skills they need to compete at a global stage. 

#2. Improved salary potential

Many studies have demonstrated that earning a master’s degree improves your short and long term earning potential. It is estimated that your salary can increase up to 28% if you have a master’s degree than if you only have a bachelor’s degree. 

#3. Variety of delivery options

Full-time, part-time, distance, contact, there are plenty of options for each student to decide what way suits them best. 

If you are a working professional and don’t have much time to spare to invest in a master’s degree, you need to bear in mind that you can pursue your degree through online learning. How long your master’s degree lasts is generally up to you. Full-time courses typically last one year, while part-time courses can last from two to three years. Completing it part-time allows you to work at the same time, so there is no need for you to give anything up in order to obtain a master’s degree. 

#4. Build professional networks

During your time as a master’s degree student, you will be expected to conduct independent research, interview professionals in your field of interest and attend events. These opportunities will lead to making professional networks which can benefit your career once study is completed. Connections are very important when looking for new job opportunities, as they can recommend you or guide you from an outside perspective.

#5. Change to a new subject area

If you have been in a field for some time and realized you would like to change venues, this is the perfect opportunity to start a career change and improve the skills and knowledge you already have acquired for your new career. 

#6. Expand your career prospect

If you don’t want to change your career but want to have more job opportunities in your current field, the skills and knowledge you acquire during your master’s degree studies will help you compete for new positions and stand out from the crowd. 

There are many reasons why you should consider earning a master’s degree in the UK. Being the cradle of education, it has a long-established reputation for academic excellence and history backs it up. 

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