Discover which are the Highest-Paying Master’s Degrees to Lookout to in 2021

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Take a look at the master’s degrees you should pursue if you want to have a higher earning potential. These are the Highest-Paying Master’s degrees for 2021!

Why do people decide to pursue a master’s degree? It may not be easy to go back to university once you have a full-time job. However, there are many benefits that earning a master’s degree will bring to your career. 

People decide to pursue a master’s degree for different reasons: 

  • Some want to acquire more skills and experience to advance their careers in their field. 
  • Others are interested in changing careers, so they enroll in a master’s degree to get relevant education to make the switch. 
  • And others pursue a master’s for financial reasons, to have a higher earning potential in their current field or to switch to a more lucrative one. 

Among these reasons, the most common one is financial benefits. It is easy to see why yearning for a higher earning potential is the top reason to pursue a master’s degree. According to a recent survey, master’s degree graduates earn up to 28% more than those with a bachelor’s degree. 

Are you interested in learning which are the master’s degrees that have the highest-earning potential? Take a look at the following list.

Top 8 Master’s Degrees with the Highest Earning Potential for 2021

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBAs are among the master’s degrees that have high earning potential because of the broad array of concentrations and high-paying careers that recipients of this degree go on to pursue. 

Top Career Paths for MBA graduates:
IT Manager
Marketing Manager
Sales Manager
Business Operations Manager

Master of Science in Nursing

There are two high-paying routes for graduates with a Master in Nursing: a Nurse Practitioner or a Nurse Anesthetist. Both of these career paths are considered “advanced practice registered nursing” roles.

Nursing is a unique field because it fits in among the high-paying medical roles—such as surgeons, physicians, and psychiatrists—without the multi-year residencies and medical degrees that are usually required to obtain those positions.

Top Career Paths for Master’s in Nursing graduates:
Nurse Anesthetist
Nurse Practitioner

Master of Engineering Management

Many Engineers who already have the basic skills from an undergraduate degree often go on to earn a Master of Science in Engineering Management. In pursuit of this degree, engineers develop the business and management skills required to advance into leadership roles, which are better remunerated. 

Top Career Paths for Master’s in Engineering Management graduates:
Architectural and Engineering Manager

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineers, because of the physical demand and the high-risk atmosphere they work in, are generally well compensated. Professionals that are drawn to a petroleum engineering career also may benefit from an exploration of bioengineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, or even industrial engineering.

Top Career Paths for Master’s in Petroleum Engineering graduates:
Petroleum Engineer

Master of Science in Finance

A master in finance allows students to polish their skills and deepen their understanding of the field, which gives them the ability to stand out from the crowd and become a valuable asset for any company. This is one of the reasons graduates of this master’s degree obtain higher earnings than those with a bachelor’s degree. 

Plus, not only do they learn skills that are valuable to the field of finance, but also for many other fields. These transferable skills allow them to have a high earning potential as well. 

Due to the unwavering need for organizations to have a knowledgeable and impactful employee navigating their budgets, accounting processes, and more, there is much potential for job growth.

Top Career Paths for Master of Science in Finance graduates:
Financial Manager
Financial Advisor

Master of Arts in Political Science

Political Science in an interdisciplinary field. During the programme, they acquire skills that intersect with subjects covered in an economics, law, psychology and sociology degree. This allows them to have a wide variety of possibilities across different disciplines and that is why they are valuable professionals with high earnings. 

While there are a handful of other jobs in the public administration/public affairs or federal government sectors, the role that correlates best with a political science degree is that of a political scientist.

Top Career Paths for Master’s Political Science graduates:
Political Scientist

Master of Science in Computer Science

A master’s degree in computer science, especially one with a concentration in software engineering/development, teaches aspiring computer program creators how to construct modern, advanced software that has the potential to impact any number of industries. Based on the application of scientific and engineering principals to the creation of new software systems, these types of programs allow graduates to enter their field with the abilities and knowledge needed to thrive.

With the current demand for this king of professional, it is easy to see why graduates with a master in computer science are well-remunerated. 

Top Career Paths for Master’s Computer Science graduates:
Software Developer

Master of Science in Healthcare Management

A master in Healthcare Management is intended for healthcare professionals and focuses on an analytical and business-oriented approach to management within healthcare. 

Top Career Paths for Master’s in Healthcare Management graduates:
Health Manager

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