Coaching: What is it and what types of coaching are there?

03 February 2022

Are you a leader or do you want to become one? Discover some information about what coaching is and the different types you can find.

The presence of leaders in groups is something that has always been seen, and due to their individual characteristics, different types of leadership and coaching have emerged. The individuals who perform these roles are highly relevant in our societies, since many times a large number of activities would not be carried out if it were not for them.

Our world is diverse and groups and organizations are no exception, which is why in this article we want to share with you the different types of coaching, but first, we want to define this activity.

What is coaching?

Jonathan García Allen, a graduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and Founder and Dircom in Psychology and Mind, defines coaching as a methodology that achieves the maximum professional and personal development of people and that influences their transformation, generating changes of perspective, increasing motivation, commitment, and responsibility.

We can conclude that coaching is then a systematic process that facilitates learning and promotes both cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes that expand people's capacity for action.

Types of coaching

Coaching is a very broad topic and we can find different approaches. First, we can divide the types of coaching into two branches, the first goes according to the content and the second according to the method used.

Types of coaching according to content

  • Personal Coaching: is one that works with skills for daily life. Its focus is directed to life projects, personal mission, objectives, or strategies for change.
  • Organizational coaching: here arises in business coaching, which is for organizations or companies in general and, on the other hand, we find executive coaching, which refers to the development of leadership and management skills and interpersonal communication.
  • Sports coaching: it focuses mainly on the motivation and development of the full potential of athletes

Types of coaching according to the method used

  • Ontological coaching: it is one that is aimed at optimizing language, processes, and linguistic tools. The objective is the modification and improvement in the form of expression of individuals.
  • Systemic coaching: it is the one that considers the individual members of a team as part of a system and its objective is to analyze the impact that the actions of people have on the environment.
  • Coaching with emotional intelligence: it is the coaching that is based on the contributions of Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence.
  • Coercive Coaching: consists of training seminars that ensure a profound transformation in people thanks to the implementation of high-impact techniques.
  • NLP Coaching (Neurolinguistic Programming): is responsible for analyzing the way in which individuals interpret and face reality to help change behaviors.
  • Cognitive Coaching: is one that allows the effective transmission of knowledge in the Coaching process.

Actually, all types of coaching have the same goal regardless of the approach, that goal is a transformation for a better quality of life.

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