Industrial Management: Why Earn a Bachelor in This Field?

16 March 2022

What is Industrial Management? What will I learn in a bachelor in industrial management? What do industrial managers do? Find the answers to these questions and more here.

A Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management is for technically-oriented people with a sense of leadership and business management. Are you one of those? Then keep reading. This bachelor’s degree might be the right one for you.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Industrial Management, from what this field is all about to what a bachelor’s degree in this field enables you to do — both regarding advanced studies and career options —, to what the future holds for this field. 

What is Industrial Management?

Industrial management is a branch of engineering that eases the creation of management systems and integrates the diverse engineering processes. Through the combination of industrial design, construction, management, and application of science and engineering principles, industrial management is responsible for the improvement of the whole industrial infrastructure and processes.

What do Industrial Managers do?

Professionals in industrial management are mainly concerned with the management of  industrial processes, and work hard to ensure the interaction of Man, Material, Machine and Method, or the 4Ms, which every organization must have, work properly and efficiently.

What to expect from the Bachelor in Industrial Management

A Bachelor in Industrial Management is mainly meant for students who are technically oriented and have strong technical skills. If you decide to pursue this bachelor’s degree, you will acquire operations management knowledge and skills, and you’ll be sharing your first two years with engineering students, since these two fields go hand in hand.

Bachelor’s degree programs in Industrial Management provide students with a strong foundation in applied physics, business, economics, and mathematics. The knowledge and skills from all these fields combined prepare students to become highly skilled and trained to address our society’s present and future technological challenges and needs.

Industrial management students develop the knowledge about the profitability and competitiveness of businesses, thanks to the combination of financial management, engineering, and leadership studies.

What can I do with a Bachelor in Industrial Management?


A bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management will prepare you to pursue any kind of management positions in technical settings, or other kinds of organizations, including in government, businesses of all kinds, among others.

Bachelor in Industrial Management’s graduates can also perform both managerial and operational roles in manufacturing and service industries. They are in charge of coming up with innovative strategies to use all kinds of a business’s resources efficiently and economically. This includes, but is not limited to, labor, materials, time, machine, energy, information, and capital.

Some of the job positions a bachelor’s degree in industrial management prepares graduates to pursue include logistics account executive, manufacturing engineer, process engineer, production control, production manager, project manager, quality engineer, six-sigma quality manager, supply chain manager, supply chain optimization, VMI analyst, among others.

As regards further studies

With a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management, graduates can pursue a postgraduate degree, whether it is a master’s degree or a doctoral degree, in a wide range of business or scientific concentrations, depending on whether they are interested in business, engineering, or many other fields. 

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